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Hitpin Pro 59

The Hitpin Pro 59 is our absolute best ball, rivaling the top balls on the market. It's a premium 3-piece urethane ball featuring a core that generates energy, a mid-layer that provides just the right amount of spin, and a durable outer cover that withstands tough wedge shots. All this at a price that is up to 40% kronor cheaper than a comparable ball from the biggest manufacturers.

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3-Piece Urethane - Pro F1

The Pro 59 is the best ball for those who have, or are aiming for, a single-digit handicap. It delivers incredible distance, control, and spin around the greens.

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3-Piece Surlyn - Tour Titan Soft

The Tour Titan Soft is developed for dedicated golfers looking to find a golf ball that provides controlled distance.

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2-Piece Surlyn - Supersonic

The Supersonic is developed for the passionate golfer seeking for a durable ball that adds distance to the game.

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Did you know that a golf ball will travel further on hot days, because the air is less dense, so it takes less velocity to travel.

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