Frequently Asked Questions

We’re receiving many emails with questions about Hitpins golf balls and products. Below we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions.

We will send your products directly from our warehouse in Sweden. If you live in Sweden you can expect to have your balls delivered within 1-3 working days depending on when during the day you placed your order. Outside Sweden (rest of Europe), you can expect your order to arrive within 3-7 working days, depending on when during the day you placed your order.

As soon as you’ve placed your order you will receive an email with confirmation and more information about your order.

As long as we have not shipped your order, we can easily change the shipping address for you. Just send us a message with your invoice number and the correct address to

Yes, Hitpin Tour Titan Soft conform to the rules of golf.

Yes! Hitpin balls are made of the same Soft Cast Urethane Elastomer and Surlyn from DuPont just like the golf balls you probably play today.

Our mission is to offer the most affordable premium golf balls for every golfer no matter how you look or play. We don’t use any middlemen and we sell to you directly online and ship to your front door. By doing so we can offer you premium golf balls, good enough to be played by tour professionals, at an affordable price.

We produce three different golf balls (designed and engineered in Sweden), all of the highest quality. Our 4-layer golf ball, Hitpin Pro F1+ is comparable with the best tour golf balls on the market. All our Hitpin golf balls were tested in professional measurement equipment by independent, golf players representing different handicap levels. All Hitpin golf balls were comparable with equivalent golf ball models from established manufacturers.

It all depends on how you play the game of golf and what type of golf ball you play today. We produce three golf ball models today and they are suited for different player levels and styles. Visit our shop to read more about our golf balls or perform the Ball Fitting Test to find out which ball you should play.

If we were to give you a quick recommendation on what Hitpin to play, it would go something like this:

Handicap 30-54: Hitpin Supersonic

Handicap 20-30: Hitpin Tour Titan Soft

Handicap < 20: Hitpin Pro F1+

Or you could say:

If you are looking for a firm 2-layered ball that rolls further and adds distance to your game: Play Hitpin Supersonic.

If you prefer a soft 3-layered golf ball, that adds distance but especially enables more spin and bite when approaching the green: Play Hitpin Tour Titan Soft.

If you want to play a 4-layered ball that compares with Titleist Pro V1x, TaylorMade TP5, Bridgestone Tour-B, Vice Pro Plus or similar: Then pick Hitpin Pro F1+

In the end it is a matter of personal preference. Play a ball that you think looks and feels right. Staying positive on the golf course is important. Visit our shop to read more about our different Hitpin golf ball models.

In order for us to offer the most affordable price we cannot offer 3-packs of golf balls. We only offer packs containing 12 balls (1 dozen). We offer free freight if you order for more than 1000 sek or more from the same golf ball model.

Today we do not offer custom prints on golf balls. However we will soon offer this. You can print on the golf balls if you have your own printing provider.

Play legendary number 59

Every Pro F1+ and Tour Titan Soft packs a ball numbered 59

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