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Order Swedish logo balls

Hitpin Golf offers high-quality logo balls that combine performance and style. We are a Swedish brand striving to make golf accessible to everyone. Our logo balls can be customized to reflect your personal style or your company's identity, making them a perfect choice for all golfers. Note: Currently, we offer Hitpin Pro 59 as a logo ball, and you can order 12 dozen or more.

Personalized balls

Give away a golf ball

All golfers appreciate Hitpin's Pro 59 golf balls – and with a little creativity, they can be transformed into the perfect gift or a way to express yourself on the golf course. Create special messages, add photographs, design your own logos, or celebrate a special occasion. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Sweden's most affordable tour ball

The Swedish Hitpin Pro 59

We offer Hitpin's tour ball, the Pro 59, as a logo ball. You get a premium golf ball designed to compete with the best balls on the market, and it is designed in Sweden. With the ability to customize the balls with your own print, you get the perfect combination of professional quality and a unique touch.

Give away Sweden's only tour ball

Hitpin Pro 59 is a premium golf ball that, in tests, goes farther than many of the top balls on the market, with the right spin and control.

Cost of balls including print

All costs excluding VAT:
12 dussin: 4488 sek (384/dussin)
24 dussin: 8736 sek (374/dussin)
48 dussin: 16992 sek (364/dussin)
96 dussin: 33024 sek (354/dussin)

(Prices apply to our tour ball Hitpin Pro 59, and you can order 12 dozen or more.)

We use pad printing, also known as tampo printing, when printing your golf balls. A silicone pad transfers the print from a cliché to the product, ensuring excellent results.

Print information

Print area: Side of the ball
Print colors: Maximum of 5 colors
Pad printing setup cost: 250 SEK/color additional

This is the maximum print size.

The print should fit within:
approx. ø 24 mm x 24 mm

Perfect logo balls

We print with Tampo printing

Hitpin uses pad printing to ensure the highest quality for our logo balls. Pad printing, also known as tampo printing, involves transferring the print from a cliché to the ball using a silicone pad. This method guarantees sharp and durable prints, even on uneven surfaces. With this technique, our Pro 59 golf balls not only look fantastic but also maintain their professional quality throughout the game.

Specifications for logo balls

This is the maximum print size:

Our Pro 59 golf balls are printed with pad printing for sharp and durable designs. Maximum print size:

The print should fit within: approx. ø 24 mm x 24 mm

Submit a request for logo balls

After you contact us, we will get back to you and ask you to submit your logo, text, or image that you want to print on the ball.

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