Our business idea

Premium golf balls for every golfer no matter how you look or play!

Hitpin was founded in Sweden, to make golf affordable and accessible to every golfer* in the world. Our purpose is to bring down barriers of entry in the game of golf and inspire people, no matter how you look or where you're from, to play golf. *If you swing at the ball you’re a golf player.

About Hitpin

My dream as a young golfer was to play the Titleist Balata golf ball. A legendary golf ball that made it possible to spin the ball more than ever and have more chances to hit the pin. But oh they were expensive! I had to settle for lower quality and no bite. That feeling, that golf was about the size of your wallet, not the quality of your game, has stayed with me ever since. Now, older (not much wiser :) and still in love with the game of golf, I knew I could do something about this. I decided to start Hitpin Golf and design premium golf balls that are just as good as the best balls on the market, but priced to make it possible for anyone at any level to play premium golf balls.

Johan Ronnestam – Founder Hitpin Golf

For the love of the game

Spread the word

Any sport should be about inclusion. Having fun and playing a sport shouldn't be about the size of your wallet. It should only be about your passions, having fun with friends and doing what you love. We can't stop talking about how important this is to us.

If you agree - please spread the word about Hitpin Golf. This way both you and all of us can keep on playing golf without breaking the bank.

Hitpin golf balls

Premium Golf balls for anyone!

Our mission to make golf more affordable and accessible to every golfer in the world is achived by: 1. We cut out the middle men. 2. We sell online. 3. We ship to you directly. 4. We give you the best possible price. 5. We don't compromise on quality.